About us


I am Charlene, But everyone calls me Char! I’m a mix of Jamaican and British and always on the sunny side of life!

I learnt early on in life that I have a desire to explore and see the world. Coming from a small town in England I was determined to see more, so I decided to do my first solo trip as soon as I turned 18 to the other side of the world. As well as travelling, I love to workout, chase waterfalls, explore jungles and connect with my soul through meditation, presence and crystals. Yep! If you’ve not guessed already I’m that one you’d find lying down in a field earthing!

The little things in life… love, dancing, coconuts, chasing sunsets are what lights my soul and keeps me connected to the shortness of life so I live to the point that I don’t hold back.


Hey… I’m Richard! A nature lover & explorer. I’m the Man behind & in front of the videos. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junky! Anything that has a high chance of killing or seriously injuring me “I’ll give it a go”. Motocross is my favourite all time sport but I do have a huge passion for cars too, there is just something about engines & high speeds that gets the blood pumping. When I’m not recording videos, I’m probably hanging out with my family, traveling the world or just lost in a pitch black cave!

If I had to choose sun or snow, I’d choose sun every time. Although Skiing does look like a great buzz!

The greatest thing about life is you just don’t know what’s around the corner, so make the most of it & enjoy every moment.

Our Plan!

We left England on a mission, A mission to explore the world & meet everyone in it! From big cities to jungle tribes, we have been there or we are making our way there. We are travelling the world creating content for ourselves and others, promoting businesses, products, excursions… You name it, and we will turn it into a video!